Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis essays are similar to other types of essays – with the right information, they are easy to write and follow a specific format. Now that we have established that synthesis essays are nothing new, let’s explore the definition.

So, what is a synthesis essay?

Synthesis essay provides information from different sources to create new ideas or inquiries. Writing a synthesis essay should present your verifiable opinion while also opening it up for argument and other contradictions.

However, you need to choose a suitable topic to achieve this. Fortunately, our website provides you with simple and straightforward topics. But, before we delve into that, let’s explore how you can write a great synthesis essay.

How to write a synthesis essay

Whether you want to write an argumentative or explanatory synthesis essay, they follow the same format. While the content is fundamentally different, the structure and the steps remain the same. Here’s the step-by-step guide to writing a great synthesis essay:

  • Select a topic you love or are curious about
  • Conduct extensive research – leave no stones unturned
  • Create an outline based on your findings
  • Begin your introduction
  • Develop the essay’s body using paragraphs
  • Wrap up with a convincing conclusion
  • Proofread and submit

Some of the best topics to write a synthesis essay on

  1. The effect of scholarship on poor students who desire higher education
  2. Discussing the pros and cons of patriarchy and matriarchy in the society
  3. How saving money can help you become rich
  4. Getting a job at a respected organization with the help of a college education
  5. The importance of children engaging in social work
  6. Professional sports are a substitute for exercises
  7. The effect of World War II on developing countries
  8. The effect of advancement in the communication medium
  9. Why children should not be a target of advertising

Fresh synthesis essay prompt ideas

  1. Has the government shown equal support to all citizens?
  2. Should the government legalize prostitution
  3. The value of books to the modern society
  4. How to prevent the introduction of guns into campuses?
  5. How can humans prevent global warming?
  6. Is it racial to conclude that black people commit more crimes?
  7. A discussion on the death penalty and how it has become a controversial issue
  8. How to determine the effectiveness of an artwork?
  9. Is fiction distraction harmful to the society
  10. An essay on the thriving women in the pornography industry

Some good synthesis essay topics

  1. How can mobile phones help in crime reduction?
  2. How can the government provide help for the poor society?
  3. The influence of athlete LS on the strength training concept
  4. Why have colleges been known to charge exorbitant tuition fees
  5. The effectiveness of plea bargaining in the justice system
  6. The general impacts of World War II on developed countries
  7. A synthesis essay on the effects of colonization on underdeveloped countries
  8. Should vaccinations be required for students who attend private and public school?
  9. The involvement of world governments in addressing climate change?

Interesting topics for a synthesis essay

  1. Should children be allowed to direct the path of their education
  2. The impact of social media on children’s academic performance
  3. How online communities have transformed the sense of belonging among teenagers and adult
  4. The importance of laws against using cell phones while driving?
  5. The positive and negative impact of the internet on human society?
  6. The correlation between food, exercise, and weight?

Synthesis essay topic ideas for beginners

  1. How to rationalize the beliefs of a religious fanatic?
  2. How artificial intelligence has reduced work opportunities for people
  3. The effects and causes of fossil fuels on the environment
  4. The percentage of success attainment among college graduates
  5. Folkloric monsters and cultural traumas they represent
  6. A comparison between the shifting images of the Japanese samurai and the European knight


Writing a synthesis essay can be quite challenging and time-consuming, but become a piece of cake when you learn how to write and  how to title a synthesis essay. However, if you have little time to learn these, this platform provides writers who are always available to provide you with academic writing help. Simply choose a topic from our synthesis essay topics list and hire one of our writers.

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