Evaluation Essay Topics

What is an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay is a type of academic writing where the writer gives an informed opinion about a topic. Such essays must be backed by facts and evidence.

How to start an evaluation essay

An evaluation essay, like every other type of writing, should not be rushed into. Before you begin writing your evaluation essay, the CJE principle must be considered.

Here are some steps to take when writing your evaluation essay:

  • Select a topic: you must pick topics that you can easily handle or are interested in.
  • Draft an outline: always have an evaluation essay outline, so you do not get stuck in the middle of your work.
  • Develop a thesis statement: to write an excellent evaluation essay, you must have a thesis statement – it is the foundation on which the work is built.
  • Have criteria: the judgment made in writing an evaluation essay is usually based on specific criteria for evaluation essay. You must know what these criteria are. A little research will not hurt.
  • Back up with evidence: you must have solid evidence to back up your judgment. Therefore do intensive research and gather as much as you can.

General evaluation essay topic ideas

Our website gives you ideas on evaluation topics you can work on. You are sure to always find essay ideas here. Here is a list of possible essay topic ideas you could use:

  1. The difference between online and face-to-face relationships
  2. The effect of parenting styles on students and the best one
  3. Curfews should not be imposed on teenagers
  4. Online games and reality: an evaluation
  5. How the internet impacts marketing strategies and results
  6. An evaluation of a book adapted to a movie
  7. An investigation of your favorite top ten books
  8. An evaluation of the relationship between fashion designing, architecture, and art
  9. An assessment of a favorite genre of music

Good evaluation essay topics for students

You should be clear about your decisions or opinion when your essay is read.

  1. Video games and their effect on youths
  2. Farming and its effect on nature
  3. The internet is essential for the survival of businesses today
  4. The impact of soccer teams on the personalities of young men
  5. Modern romantic movies and the changes in female and male roles
  6. An evaluation of your favorite fast food
  7. E-books are better than hard copy books: How and why?
  8. An assessment of facilities in elementary schools for children with disabilities
  9. The changes the internet brought to the modern world’s communication pattern

Interesting evaluation argument essay topics

Evaluative essays are meant to justify arguments.

  1. Watching sports at home is better than watching in a bar
  2. Evaluate if your school’s football team can be run better than it is currently
  3. An evaluation of a recent classic versus romantic movie
  4. Evaluate if your favorite artist is better than another…why?
  5. An evaluation of the importance of historiography in the study of history
  6. An assessment of how mother tongue policies affect a nation
  7. A comparison and evaluation of an on-stage performance and recorded music
  8. An evaluation of whether a movie based on true life experiences is real enough

Simple evaluation essay ideas for college students

  1. An objective evaluation of an Oscar-winning TV show
  2. The treatment of black characters in movies
  3. An evaluation of the importance of height in playing basketball
  4. Factors that enhance the popularity of social media
  5. An evaluation of a social media platform you are interested in
  6. An evaluation of the diversity of food that can be bought in your resident market
  7. The necessary education a qualified teacher should have
  8. Does immigration have any effect on cultural diversity? (Use a country)
  9. Is the music industry still lucrative?

No matter the topic, make sure it is what you are interested in. Your work must also show evidence of thorough research. Give it your best.

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