Criminal Justice Essay Topics

It is no news that criminal justice is an interesting academic topic and course that has garnered a lot of positive acceptance across the globe. Students have found it interesting to study crime in all forms, which is quite interesting, engaging, and broad.

One of the major academic activities students have to engage in when studying criminal courses is writing essay on criminal justice . Shortly, we will explore easy criminal justice topics to write about.

Tips to help you write the perfect criminal justice essay

Criminal Justice essays are like every other essay – they follow a general format. However, there are certain factors you must note and consider before you pick topics:

  • The relevance of criminal justice research topic on the society
  • The importance of the essay in personal terms
  • Global importance and significance of the desired research topic
  • Can written assignments be turned into speech?
  • Is it a comparison essay, review, analysis, or argumentative paper?
  • What are popular counter-opinions concerning criminal justice?
  • Are there any similar research works available to support the essay?
  • Does the topic meet all grading points?
  • Should additional information be included?

A list of basic criminal justice topics for all students

The focus phase that determines how simple it will be to write your criminal justice paper is topic selection.

Therefore, it is advisable to carefully evaluate several themes before settling on one to address.

  1. Are the penalties for mass shooting sufficient?
  2. The role of enacting legislative measures in dealing with cyberbullying
  3. How effective will gun control be in preventing gun violence?
  4. Ethics in law enforcement and criminal justice
  5. The integration of criminals released from prison into the society
  6. The role of education in maintaining a secure society
  7. Children’s crime prevention
  8. Illicit drug use and criminal justice in Africa
  9. Rehabilitation programs for sex offenders: Are they beneficial?

Easy criminal justice argumentative essay topics to write about

  1. Mental health problems and the criminal justice system in the United States
  2. The impact of the criminal justice system on young teenagers
  3. The commonality of racial segregation in the criminal justice system
  4. Which rehabilitative strategies Is the Criminal justice system using for sexual offenders?
  5. The bureaucracy’s relationship with the Criminal Justice System
  6. How Productive Is Criminal Profiling in The Criminal Justice System?
  7. In the criminal court system, how is DNA evidence used?
  8. What is more important in the criminal justice system: rehabilitation or punishment?

Some inspiring criminal justice reform essay topics to discuss

  1. The concept of correctional control: The impact on juvenile offenders and the society
  2. How does social media impact the criminal justice system positively?
  3. What can be done to improve the use of DNA evidence in the criminal justice system?
  4. What can be done to make capital punishment better impactful?
  5. In this comparison, the juvenile justice systems in the United States and France are compared.
  6. Life imprisonment vs. death punishment: The more humane and deserving punishment for homicide
  7. The result of the drug war in the United States
  8. Racism and gender profiling in the justice system

Some interesting criminal justice essay ideas for college students

  1. Discussing the Probability and Statistics in Criminal Justice
  2. Sex workers’ reaction to justice in the social and criminal society
  3. Parole and Probation: Pros and Cons and How they differ
  4. Forensic psychology and the criminal justice system
  5. Relations between criminal justice and drug policy
  6. Individuals in the Criminal Justice System are Stereotyped
  7. Issues of leadership in the criminal justice system
  8. The concept of marital rape and the legal implications
  9. Homicide and it’s punishment in Asian Countries
  10. Comparative analysis: Juvenile crime punishments in France and the United States


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