Sociology Term Paper Topics

Writing and submitting a solid sociology term paper depends on the quality of the topic you choose. It does not matter what aspect you hope to write about – health and wellbeing, socio economic issues, crime, societal development, and relationships – picking the right sociology term paper topic matters greatly. And one thing that helps is to ask the right sociology research questions.

This article explains what makes a good sociology research topic, how to write a good sociology term paper, and also provides a list of topics for sociology term paper.

What makes your sociology term paper a good one? 

A solid and good sociology term paper topic must be relevant, engaging, and current for you and your readers. The world (and society) changes at breakneck speed, so your topic needs to follow this speed. It needs to be current as the world is current. What’s more, your topic must first be interesting to you. You will undoubtedly deliver quality work when you achieve that, and your readers will agree.  

A list of topics for sociology term papers

Here are some sociology term paper ideas to use for your next sociology term paper:

Interesting sociology term paper topics

  1. How modern social movements are affected by social media?
  2. Does divorce affect children, and how?
  3. The role religious education plays in a modern society
  4. The association between childhood depression and the use of social media
  5. What makes marriages turn abusive?
  6. Recognizing patterns of human behavior when online
  7. The relationship between obesity in children and social caste
  8. How infertility affects couples?
  9. The impact of bullying on children’s mental health

Good topics for a sociology term paper

  1. How different nations see food in their history?
  2. The effect of mainstream media on human behavior
  3. Does cross-racial adoption impact society and children?
  4. Health equity in urban areas and rural areas
  5. How social media affects social relationships?
  6. The impact of unconscious bias on ethnicity and race
  7. How social media displays ethnicity and race?
  8. The effect of family separation on children when seeking foreign asylum
  9. The degree of migrant assimilation into new countries and cultures
  10. How immigrants maintain their roots after moving to a new country?

Term paper topics: Crime and sociology

  1. The occurrence of marijuana addiction based on population statistics
  2. Do areas of marijuana legalization have more or less crime?
  3. The effect of the rate of unemployment on crime
  4. The size of prison space utilized for minor drug offense prisoners.
  5. The relationship between prostitution and drug abuse
  6. How well do addiction treatment programs succeed in the long term?
  7. The effect of opioid treatment to beat addiction
  8. The connection between juvenile crime and family socioeconomic status
  9. What factors cause gang membership or affiliation?
  10. Does socioeconomic status affect the choice of drug use?

Medical sociology term paper topics

  1. The part globalization plays in healthcare access
  2. The ethics involved between patients and nurses communication
  3. Should psychiatric hospital care ethics be reviewed?
  4. Challenges that come with having chronic diseases among African Americans
  5. How social media can be used to promote care for the older population
  6. Inequality challenges that spring up in American rural areas
  7. The social stigma attached to single parenthood
  8. Social issues attached to modern healthcare determinants
  9. Should euthanasia be banned?
  10. Challenges associated with ER staffing and stress management practices

Urban sociology term paper topics

  1. How the media negatively portrays low-income families?
  2. Childlessness or child-free?
  3. Who makes the better parents in single families, fathers or mothers?
  4. Does divorce affect teens negatively?
  5. Should children be allowed to vote?
  6. The part religious education plays in a modern consumerist society
  7. Do Slavic people see work differently?
  8. How does mass media affect the formation of social norms?
  9. The culture and tradition of Native Americans
  10. Looking at the phenomenon of Asian intolerance during Covid-19 times

Environmental sociology term paper topics

  1. Challenges and problems bioregionalism brings in its study
  2. Does the media cover environmental issues adequately?
  3. How global changes in Politics are affecting challenges in the environment?
  4. Should Middle Schools offer social ecology?
  5. How to prevent industrial waste in specific regions of the world?
  6. The relationship between nature and consumerism
  7. The use of natural resources in the digital era
  8. Looking at the cultural concepts of balance and harmony in India
  9. Should atomic energy be integrated or wholly forbidden?
  10. How the modern media represents bio-activists?

Other examples of sociology research questions and topics

  1. The relationship between homelessness and mental illnesses
  2. How to improve access to mental health care for poverty-stricken people?
  3. The challenges of moving from inpatient mental health care to living by yourself
  4. The relationship between narcissism and the use of social media
  5. How people manage stressors daily?

Knowing how to set up a sociology term paper makes you a better student and a more capable adult. It helps you develop your speaking and reasoning abilities and helps you see the world from different perspectives. Remember, choose a topic that appeals to you and get ready to put a big smile on your teacher’s face when they get your paper.

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