Psychology Term Paper Topics

Psychology is a broad subject that talks about several multidisciplinary issues and harmonizes, in one place, a vast range of topics. People who study this discipline usually develop a sound manner of reasoning. It is no wonder they write so many term papers on different topics.

Choosing which psychology term paper topic to write about can be arduous. This is because there are so many options, and there might be some pressure to choose the best option. Be at rest; this article is here to give you numerous psychology term paper ideas. You can pick anyone and work with it.

Tips for choosing the best psychology research paper topics

Choosing a good psychology term paper topic is all down to doing thorough research. Here are some tips to note: 

  • Brainstorm

Pick a branch or aspect of psychology and think about the most interesting part of it for you.

  • Research

You will surely need some coffee for this, especially if you are not a night person. Get the relevant books and journals and check out reliable websites with all the news articles and publications you need.

  • Narrow down the focus or idea

In looking for sources, choosing the idea with the most credible and valuable sources is smart. You will be able to write expansively as a result.

  • Avoid general or too-narrow topics

Ensure your topics are not general but specific. Also, be careful not to “over-narrow” it as it will be too narrow to catch the reader’s mind and offer actual value.

Some unique psychology term paper topics for students

Here are some term paper topics for psychology students according to categories:

Abnormal psychology term paper topics

  1. How video games influence teenager aggression
  2. Analyzing gender role stereotypes in society
  3. What is the effect of ethnicity and race on mental health?
  4. How TV violence affects the behavior of children
  5. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  6. The factors that cause and affect anxiety disorders
  7. How effective is psychotherapy for depression treatment?
  8. The role media plays in body image dissatisfaction promotion among the modern youth
  9. What is the primary determinant of intelligence, genetics, or environment?
  10. The effect of poverty on psychological growth and development
  11. Bullying in the workplace and its effect and impact on the mental health of employees

Cultural psychology term paper topics

  1. Examining how social communication platforms play a part in shaping a region’s culture
  2. Analyzing the effect of cultural variety on mental health
  3. Exploring the influence of linguistics on cognitive development
  4. Evaluating how the manner the media portrays culture affects cultural ideologies
  5. Evaluating the effect of several cultural values on the development of identity
  6. Examining the association between gender roles and cultural practices
  7. Assessing how culture is generationally transmitted through family relationships and dynamics
  8. Evaluating the impact of economic and political structures on cultural behaviors and beliefs
  9. Understanding the ways social norms affect moral decision-making
  10. Inspecting the way religion affects cultural practices and behaviors

Psychology term paper topics on substance abuse

  1. Homeless people and drug abuse in Florida
  2. Teenage substance and drug abuse
  3. Caring for the vulnerable population in terms of substance abuse
  4. Addiction and substance abuse
  5. Promotion and advertisement of substance abuse
  6. Nursing and drug abuse treatment
  7. Substance abuse and relationships
  8. Treating alcohol abuse in the older generation

Social psychology term paper topics

  1. Evaluating the effects of racism
  2. Highlighting homophobia
  3. Culture and its associated social issues
  4. Examining social depression
  5. Analyzing social cognition
  6. Assessing how social anxiety impacts people in society
  7. Examining societal gender roles
  8. The causes and effects of gender discrimination
  9. How peer pressure impacts teenagers?
  10. How do marital disputes affect children?
  11. How do violent video games impact the brain development of children?
  12. How violent cartoons affect children’s mental states and behaviors?
  13. How is a child’s emotional development affected by divorce?
  14. How introverted children are affected by social depression and social anxiety?
  15. How does bullying impact social interaction among middle and high school students?

Term paper topics for cross-cultural psychology

  1. Social media in various cultures
  2. Impact of culture on shopping online
  3. The peculiarities of regional humor
  4. Hollywood and the modern perspective of beauty
  5. Cultural psychology and multinational companies
  6. Examining cultural psychology
  7. How motherhood is viewed in different cultures
  8. Whiting model
  9. Self-education and culture
  10. Cultural models

Term paper topics in cognitive psychology

  1. How does hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit affect a child’s development?
  2. Is there a need to use color psychology in cognitive development studies?
  3. Defining and measuring attention span
  4. How memories and past activities affect present human behavior
  5. Which conditions can help increase children’s problem-solving abilities?
  6. Does speech disorder affect children’s cognitive development?
  7. Defining critical thinking and outlining its ability regarding cognitive psychology
  8. How subconsciousness affects the ability to make decisions
  9. Highlighting increasing violence among children and teenagers
  10. Factors that can give rise to delays in a child’s mental development
  11. What is the effect of a romantic movie on children?
  12. Is having a single parent good for a child’s mental development?

Term paper topics under human psychology

  1. Does color have an impact on human behavior?
  2. Analyzing the mental health of kids with disabilities
  3. How racism affects the mental health of children and adults
  4. How technology affects students’ learning

Knowing how to write a psychology term paper is not difficult if you know what to do and how to go about it. The ideas mentioned in the article will stand you in good stead for the future.

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