Economics Term Paper Topics

Economics is a crucial aspect of social sciences as it covers the flow of value in society. It impacts nearly every aspect of life and can improve modern society if used well. That said, there are different areas of this field from which you can derive topics for an economics term paper.

Effective tricks and tips on how to write a term paper in economics

The term “term paper” might come off as a formidable enemy, but it is not. Below are practical tips that can help you write a powerful, distinction-worthy economics term paper.

  • Ensure you understand the assignment before starting your research and choosing topics.
  • If you want a great topic, be willing and ready to do the work; that includes brainstorming and thorough research.
  • Know where to search for reliable and factual information – that means Wikipedia is a no-no.
  • Choose a strong thesis and state it clearly, so every reader knows exactly what to expect when they read your paper.
  • Work with an outline; this helps ensure you include all the essential details, eliminate the irrelevant, and focus on your topic.

What are good topics to write an economics term paper on?

There is an endless list of potential topics to work on for your economics term paper. However, we understand how hard it can be to choose an economics topic relevant to your assignment. We have compiled a broad list of economic term paper ideas to inspire you.

Good topics for economics term paper

  1. Money and happiness: which is more important?
  2. Causes of the Eurozone crisis
  3. The Indian stock market: major participants
  4. Surveillance capitalism
  5. Effective money management
  6. The pros and cons of adopting the euro
  7. How does money differ from other assets in the economy – What are the primary differences?
  8. Raising the minimum wage: the benefits
  9. Industrialization: effect on social class structure
  10. Industrialization: merits and demerits for American society
  11. How third-world economics can be boosted

Crime economics term paper topics

  1. The impact of Covid-19 on local crime rates
  2. Does education reduce crime?
  3. The basic theory of the economic model of criminal behavior
  4. How economic crimes can be reduced
  5. History of punishment and slavery
  6. Crime rate rise and immigrants
  7. Correction methods for cyber criminology
  8. Analysis of unemployment and street situation
  9. Witnesses programs
  10. Laws on national security
  11. Tracking drug trafficking

International economics term paper topics

  1. Development finance institutions
  2. Public economics and trade policies
  3. Trade: effects on welfare and inequality
  4. Trade within countries
  5. International trade and economic growth
  6. Effect of trade on currency union
  7. International trade in developing countries: gains and losses
  8. Brexit: its impact on small businesses
  9. USA vs. China: foreign direct investment and wages
  10. International trade: its importance
  11. Trade liberalization

Labor economics term paper topics

  1. Factors influencing minimum wages
  2. Taxes: effect on labor supply
  3. Technology and the labor market
  4. Factors affecting wage structure
  5. Strikes: economic impact
  6. Higher education vs. vocational education
  7. Regulating working hours: do fewer work hours mean higher productivity?
  8. Men’s income vs. women’s income
  9. Influence of wealth on the choice of profession
  10. Influence of wages on firm profitability
  11. Immigration’s effect on the labor market

Managerial economics term paper topics

  1. Louis Vuitton: its current position in the retail market
  2. Principles of managerial economics
  3. Value creation and capture
  4. Managerial economics in developing countries
  5. Perspectives in managerial economics
  6. Most used managerial economic theories
  7. Use, upsides, and downsides of managerial economics
  8. Economics vs. managerial economics
  9. Effect of managerial economics on publicly traded firms
  10. Strategic behavior in business: an analysis
  11. Capital budgeting and managerial economics
  12. Application of managerial economics in the banking sector

Micro economics term paper topics

  1. Sources and consequences of inflation
  2. Game theory’s impact on economic theory
  3. Labor force participation: effect on the budget and the economy
  4. Income changes: effect on consumer choices
  5. Market equilibrium
  6. Effect of advertising on price elasticity
  7. The importance of cross elasticity of demand
  8. Factors influencing the pricing system
  9. Network effects: why are they important?
  10. Market value and fair value: compare and contrast
  11. China’s consumer inflation: the causes
  12. Maximizing revenue with microeconomics

Sports economics term paper topics

  1. Betting: impact on fans’ enjoyment
  2. Corruption in football: its influence on fans’ loyalty to the game
  3. Funding effect on individual sports people’s performance
  4. College athletes should be paid: a debate
  5. Huge salaries received by professional athletes: do they deserve it?
  6. International selling of tickets
  7. Sports markets: US vs. China
  8. The role of sports management firms
  9. Does age affect a player’s value in a game?
  10. The average cost of winning a gold medal in the Olympics
  11. The price of fame in sports: do more famous players gain more?
  12. The value placed on athlete’s bodies by personal insurance policies

Knowing what topic will be interesting enough to grab readers’ attention and fetch a good grade is always challenging. You’re all set with the ideas of economics term paper topics and tips on how to write on them a term paper.

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