History Term Paper Topics

Picking a history term paper topic is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of writing a research paper. The right topic is essentially one that interests you and can capture and hold your audience’s attention.

Golden tips on how to write a history term paper

Writing a history term paper can be challenging, whether this is your first time or not. Below are tips to guide you in writing; they can serve as a reminder if you have written a term paper before.

  1. Start well by going straight to the point, starting from your first sentence; avoid vapid beginnings. Don’t beat around the bush, else you’d bore your readers.
  2. State a clear thesis and develop it logically from paragraph to paragraph; your thesis connotes the case you want to argue.
  3. Don’t just summarize or narrate sources or arguments; analyze them critically.
  4. Use reliable pieces of evidence; this will require some critical detective skills. You can get these from journals, research papers, authority sites, and others.
  5. Avoid vague statements and opaque generalizations; they suggest you do not really know what you’re talking about

What are topics for a term paper history?

When choosing history term paper topics, you want to choose those for which you can find factual proof and solid arguments. That is to enable you to write a rich and publishable essay and, of course, one worthy of distinction. Below are some history term paper topics for inspiration if you need help figuring out where to start searching for topics.

Ancient history term paper topics

  1. The difference between classical antiquity and ancient history
  2. Key achievements in the early iron age
  3. Religion in ancient Rome
  4. Philosophy in ancient Greece
  5. Ancient China science and technology
  6. Archaeology: its role in historical research
  7. Key figures in Greek mythology
  8. The influence of ancient Greek art on the world’s culture
  9. The Battle of Marathon: the causes
  10. Colosseum origins
  11. The religious function of Greek mythology
  12. Greek alphabet history
  13. Olympic games: the origin

World history term paper topics

  1. Sumerian traditions
  2. The history of Palestine
  3. Julius Caesar’s rise and fall
  4. Asia in the Middle Ages
  5. Analysis of the Patriot Act
  6. Great Recession
  7. The Great Depression
  8. The legacy of the Civil War
  9. Homestead Act
  10. Aftershocks of the Cold War
  11. The rise of empiricism in Europe
  12. Analysis of the Mid-Tudor crises
  13. Louis XVI’s life and death

American history term paper topics

  1. Independence declaration of the US in 1776
  2. The persisting impact of the declaration of independence on the modern USA
  3. John Adams’s movement toward independence
  4. What role did the founding founders play in shaping early American culture?
  5. Slavery in the ancient United States
  6. Analysis of the interwar period
  7. 1883 proclamation of emancipation
  8. Personalities of the revolutionary war
  9. Religious practices in southern America
  10. The effects of industrialization on social movements in America
  11. What caused the Civil War?
  12. Long Island battle
  13. Analysis of the Townshend Acts

Early American history term paper topics

  1. African-American culture: origins and history
  2. Influence of the American Revolution on society
  3. How Texas became a sovereign republic
  4. 1783 Royal Proclamation: the consequences
  5. Thanksgiving in America: the origin
  6. The legacy of joint-stock companies
  7. 1812 war: what events led to it?
  8. The Missouri Compromise and its complications
  9. The Mexican-American war and its consequences
  10. Washington, DC: how did it become the capital?
  11. Effect of the French Revolution on America
  12. The Old American West’s emergence
  13. Religion in the US after gaining independence

Modern US history term paper topics

  1. The colonial history of the USA
  2. How California was conquered
  3. The first British settlements in the Americas
  4. Puritanism
  5. The Spanish Rule: its effects in the Americas
  6. The influence of the protestant reformation on US history
  7. How slavery started in British America
  8. Christianity and slavery in the US
  9. The witchcraft trials: what category of women were prosecuted?
  10. The Boston Tea Party
  11. The major reasons the Declaration of Independence was written – Core justification
  12. European colonization: its influence on Native America
  13. The unconstitutional treatment and removal of Indian Americans

20th Century World history term paper topics

  1. Civil rights in American history
  2. Europeans vs. Native Americans
  3. American social movements
  4. Industrialization in America: what price was paid?
  5. US immigration policies in the 20th century
  6. Dominant US ideology
  7. Politics vs. religion: separating the two in America
  8. Identity politics: history
  9. Waves of Syrian immigrants: the causes
  10. WWII: how women were treated in the Soviet zone
  11. Germany after Hitler’s fall
  12. Historical pragmatics
  13. Figures and facts in the Iran-Contra scandal

Art history term paper topics

  1. Directions and features of modern art in Europe
  2. Gala’s role in Dali’s life and work
  3. Rafael’s work: features and significance
  4. Techniques used in printmaking in the 20th century
  5. Christian symbols: their role in renaissance art
  6. Art fairs: History
  7. Art history: the role of philosophy of art
  8. Beauty standards for women in renaissance art
  9. Egyptian pyramids vs. Mesoamerican pyramids
  10. Representation of women in ancient art
  11. Greek art: the role of the Trojan war
  12. Science and ancient Greek sculptures: the correlation

You must have chosen a great topic to write an excellent history term paper. A great topic is one with pertinent information, including facts and figures, to write a credible paper.

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