Nursing Dissertation Topics

Topic selection ranks chief among various challenges encountered by students when writing about nursing dissertation. Given the myriad of topics at one’s disposal it can prove challenging to narrow your focus to one particular issue. This article will highlight some dissertation topics in nursing to help you come up with a feasible topic for your nursing dissertation.

What is a nursing dissertation?

A nursing dissertation is a paper submitted as part of your doctoral degree. This paper should test a hypothesis to unveil fresh insights on a particular niche problem.

Dissertation topics cardiology nursing

  1. What is the ideal course of action for treating cardiogenic shock?
  2. Using a socio-ecological model to prevent cardiovascular disease
  3. The everyday circumstances of heart failure patients in primary care
  4. Understanding the drugs that alter heart function
  5. What is the most effective therapy for cardiovascular conditions?
  6. Congenital heart disease and physical activity in adults
  7. Race and ethnicity’s effect on cardiovascular health
  8. Risk factors, evaluation techniques, and expenses associated with delirium following heart surgery
  9. What causes young adults’ cardiac deaths?
  10. Effects of nandrolone on the blood, renal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems

Dissertation topics community health nursing

  1. Outpatient senior care and community nursing services
  2. The function of nurses in promoting awareness in a multicultural setting
  3. Nursing in the community for the treatment of elderly individuals who have ongoing medical conditions
  4. Nurses’ part in assisting the public in getting covid-19 vaccinations
  5. The usage of post-operative community nursing services by patients
  6. The evaluation of the community’s nutritional status
  7. A review of the community nursing services offered to expectant mothers and newborns
  8. Rural growth of Haiti’s children impact by health and educational factors
  9. Awareness of adolescent substance use by parents
  10. An examination of community health standards development globally

Dissertation topics for nursing students

  1. Sterilized water vs alcohol cleaning effectiveness for neonatal cord care
  2. The effects of stress on nurses’ behavior at work
  3. Patients’ understanding and opinions on hypertension and how to treat it
  4. Health workers’ opinions on how to manage medical waste
  5. The group of student nurses’ stress management techniques
  6. Bacterial vaginosis prevalence among expectant mothers visiting ANC
  7. Impact of drug addiction on the health of pregnant women
  8. Social workers’ significance in hospitals
  9. Stress experienced at work by nurses in private hospitals
  10. Social and economic aspects that affect how often women use maternal health services

Dissertation topics in nursing education

  1. Why do people favor receiving home health care services over hospital admission?
  2. Prostate cancer patients’ issues and nursing practices
  3. Student rudeness, nursing education, and team-based learning: a quasi-experimental study
  4. The connection between a nurse’s spiritual growth and personal development
  5. How to manage people who are in both acute and chronic pain
  6. Views on the success of mentoring in nursing education
  7. The value of educational and professional development opportunities for nurses
  8. The efficiency of simulated and role-playing activities in nursing education
  9. Special nursing care provided for severe pediatric disorders and its positive effects
  10. The impact of technological improvements on the nursing sector

Nursing dissertation topics critical care

  1. Do necessary patient care conditions have an impact on nurses?
  2. How does burnout syndrome impact the caliber of nursing care provided?
  3. The cause of the present rise in caesarian sections among pregnant women
  4. How is the critical care unit affected by the nurse-patient relationship?
  5. The function of nurses in reducing newborn and under-five death rates
  6. COVID scenario impact on the critical care nurses’ personal lives
  7. Highlighting the doctor’s and nurses’ misunderstandings in the intensive care unit
  8. Factors increasing the number of deaths in Kenya caused by sildenafil
  9. Midwives’ knowledge and conduct in infection control
  10. Examining the methods for managing dementia patients in the acute stage

Nursing dissertation topics UK

  1. Research on how staffing practices in the UK influence adult nurses
  2. Persuading professional-level cancer nursing education in the UK.
  3. The part evaluation plays in nursing students’ academic outcomes
  4. Analysis about the UK’s investigation into nursing care for cancer patients
  5. Emotional support provided by the adult nurses
  6. Research on diabetes in older adults in the UK.
  7. US adult nursing and UK adult nursing differences
  8. Study of several nursing models that can be used depending on the circumstance
  9. Adult crying rates and the skillfulness of the caregivers in nursing homes
  10. Study of the critical judgment used by nurses in UK cardiac patients

Pediatric nursing dissertation topics

  1. General anesthesia’s effects on cystic fibrosis-affected children’s pulmonary function
  2. Obesity, controlling one’s weight, and eating well
  3. Children’s respiratory illnesses: diagnosis and treatment
  4. Pediatric care ethics
  5. Possible respiratory illnesses and infections in preterm neonates
  6. Children’s antibiotic resistance
  7. Understanding of the heart’s architecture and physiology
  8. Children’s measles complications
  9. Rheumatic heart disease and rheumatic fever (RHD)
  10. Unique features of pediatric anesthesia

PhD nursing dissertation topics

  1. Investigating the Links Between Housing Stability and Diabetes Results
  2. A vital public health study demonstrating the effects of AIDS on society
  3. Factors affecting people with metabolic disorders seeking health care.
  4. Investigating the links between civic perceptions, civic participation actions, and sensation of community in a sample of nurses
  5. Investigating the function of drug addiction psychosocial treatment in British jails
  6. A quantitative investigation into the hygienic habits in underdeveloped nations
  7. A national study on the state of nurses’ infusion of versatile application
  8. Examining public health initiatives to reduce childhood obesity
  9. Maternal mortality-related factors among women present in delivery rooms
  10. How crucial intuition plays in nursing practice
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