Finance Dissertation Topics

Writing a finance dissertation can prove a daunting task if a poor approach is taken to writing your essay. Therefore, it is crucial to read a vast number of finance dissertation examples and to consult various dissertation writing rubrics to familiarize yourself with the best practices for writing a stellar dissertation. Here, we’ll highlight some dissertation topics for finance to help you focus your attention on the trending issues that are relevant to your field.

Accounting and finance dissertation topics

  1. Returns anticipated in accounting and finance
  2. Enhancing the quality of reporting through the use of accounting information systems
  3. Acknowledging the value of financial statements in corporate accounting
  4. Interest rate ferocity in accounting and finance
  5. Digital economy accounting and control procedures
  6. Covid-19 and the global accounting standard Board
  7. Mesopotamian financial and accounting history and its relevance today
  8. Health spending in COVID-19
  9. The development of early finance and accounting practices through the contribution of mathematics
  10. Effects of India’s existing tax system on people who make less money?

Corporate finance dissertation topics

  1. Impact of corporate financial events on particular X-country companies
  2. How corporate governance influences the economic activities
  3. A descriptive analysis of corporate finance as well as economic engineering
  4. Corporate finance’s ethical dilemmas and potential ethical financial security solutions
  5. Discover the best financial structure models for a corporation
  6. A study of how different companies might handle transparency in their corporate economic decisions
  7. Contrasting various investment strategies and their effect on corporate success
  8. A literature review on bank oversight as well as corporate finance
  9. Examining the connection between the financial operations and activities of a large corporation and corporate governance
  10. Relationship between corporate strategies and corporate finance

Easy finance dissertation topics

  1. Evaluation on the 2007 financial crisis: could it be prevented?
  2. An evaluation of the MasterCard and VISA financial statements
  3. Difficulties with digital banking that affect the elderly
  4. How has Malaysia’s economy benefited from the awareness of and influence of financial services among low-income groups?
  5. The effect of exchange rate changes on global trade
  6. Assisting the underprivileged through the work of microfinance institutions
  7. Deregulation of the banking sector’s impact on economic expansion
  8. The general public is served by internet banking
  9. The unintentional sponsorship of terrorism by financial organizations
  10. Factors that affect financial growth

Finance and banking topics for dissertation

  1. The danger of investing in the banking industry
  2. The Zimbabwean banking sector’s relationship with equities price and performance
  3. Provisioning and impairment by financial institutions and banks
  4. Why do some businesses that offer microloans receive a higher percentage of payments than conventional banks?
  5. Why are banks so adamantly against digital currency?
  6. Challenges and investment in the banking industries
  7. Are auditors just cost centers or can they serve as risk managers for a bank?
  8. Interest rate fluctuations and their effect on investment
  9. Benefits of utilizing choices for risk management in the banking sector
  10. The creditworthiness of bank investments and loans

Finance PhD dissertation topics

  1. Researching debt patterns and how they impact money management
  2. Macroeconomic variables’ effects on nonperforming loans
  3. A review of cost and costing models used by businesses
  4. The ideal capital ratio for the survival of commercial banks
  5. The connection between finance management PhD
  6. Risk assessment and risk-taking behavior in forex trading
  7. Evaluate the role of stock market intermediaries and how they affect or enhance market growth
  8. How the global financial crisis has affected the use of the credit line to maintain cash flow.
  9. Equity Momentum Strategies Using Fundamentals
  10. Researching banking sector stocks

Finance topics for dissertation MBA

  1. Motivating factors to advance investing in Spain by British
  2. Relationship between the cash conversion cycle and performance of Chinese listed companies
  3. Potential for stock market investing with a particular emphasis on the energy sector
  4. Detailed analysis of the Bank of England’s quantitative ease theory
  5. The Indian telecom sector’s financing needs are addressed using a descriptive qualitative methodology
  6. Ratio analysis technique used for financial statement analysis
  7. Cross-border investment concerns, as well as new rules aimed at reducing financial market volatility
  8. NPA comparison for public sector, private sector, and foreign banks
  9. Mutual funds and equity investments comparative
  10. Consumer satisfaction and brand evaluation for investment purposes

Free finance and accounting dissertation topics

  1. What are the main factors contributing to accounting instability?
  2. How digital currency has affected accounting and finance
  3. How might accounting practices affect the assessments of fixed assets
  4. The division between managerial and financial accounting
  5. What qualifications does a forensic accountant need to have?
  6. Interest rates’ influence on accounting and finance
  7. Explain how managers are involved in financial reporting
  8. Describe each component of the accounting decision support system
  9. Why is analyzing financial balance sheets essential for company decision-making?
  10. The finest research topic of financial accounting in the hotel business
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