Management Dissertation Topics

The plethora of topics in management can greatly impar your ability to write an outstanding paper. By settling on a poor topic, you could struggle with your management dissertation, yielding information that is of no importance to your field. To help you overcome confusion on your ideal topic, this article will highlight some dissertation topics in management to inspire your brainstorming efforts. We also recommend that you read a couple of management dissertation examples to improve your dissertation writing skills.

Business management dissertation topics

  1. Effect of COVID’19 on mobile market business management techniques and methodologies
  2. The effects of several managers on business administration in the example of Samsung
  3. An examination of the family business’s management and how it varies from other enterprises
  4. A plan for developing multicultural managers and how doing so can aid organizations in expanding in the twenty-first century
  5. Whole quality management’s effects on FMCGs’ customer happiness and retention
  6. Analyze the effect of relationship marketing on fast food consumer behavior
  7. Analyze how incentives affect employees’ performance in the context of the fashion business
  8. Research the position of women in management in Arab nations
  9. Microfinance Institution Performance Indicators
  10. A Comprehensive Analysis of the Law Regarding Production Sharing Agreements

Dissertation topics in events management

  1. ICT event management in poor nations
  2. Stakeholders’ involvement in event management
  3. Considerations about meal planning and buying when handling business gatherings in the UK
  4. How to study event planning in the UK
  5. National risk assessment for sporting event
  6. Event planning in the UK as seen by visitors
  7. Important green event management strategies
  8. The function of security systems in event management
  9. Information security issues in event management
  10. The effect of launch activities on consumer purchase choices

Dissertation topics in hospitality management

  1. The role leadership skills play in the field of hotel management
  2. The role that linguistic competence plays in global hospitality management
  3. Does gender have a role in hospitality management and the industry?
  4. Management of green hospitality
  5. Information technology’s function in the field of hotel management
  6. Social media’s contribution to the hospitality management sector
  7. A comparison between Middle Eastern and European countries’ hospitality regulations
  8. The impact of smoking restrictions on casinos
  9. Inventive and clever tourism development
  10. Significant problems in the hospitality sector

Dissertation topics in tourism management

  1. Internet-related effects on the growth of ecotourism
  2. Analysis of tourism motivational factors in light of the theory of planned behavior
  3. Factors influencing dark tourism consumer behavior in the United States of America
  4. The effects of internet platforms on the rise in tourism
  5. How can the Marriot hotel in Dubai entice guests to stay there?
  6. How has London’s tourism been impacted by high prices?
  7. Environmentally friendly actions and their effects on travel destinations
  8. The part the London Olympics played in expanding the city’s tourism industry
  9. Study of social networks to ascertain visitor attraction and retention
  10. The development of tourism management with an emphasis on event tourism

Performance management dissertation topics

  1. Maintaining an information system in the absence of an appropriate budget
  2. The impact of lower minimum wages on corporate management choices
  3. Factors that cause projects to succeed or fail
  4. An investigation of the effect of team morale on building project performance
  5. Performance of the team and project success
  6. How effective cross-employee communication and integrated production planning boost output and motivation
  7. Is it beneficial to set up a tracker for office workers’ activities?
  8. What management can do to improve the performance of underperforming personnel
  9. How to get people from diverse regions to work together
  10. Why it is important to involve employees in the company’s decision-making process

Project management dissertation topics

  1. The indisputable importance of administrators to any project
  2. The importance of cooperation and teamwork in completing projects
  3. How to create low-cost projects in developed countries
  4. Describe some of the traits of leadership required for project management
  5. How to get a project to produce direct and proportional profits
  6. Describe the relationship between a project’s success and emotional intelligence
  7. The ethical aspects of project management
  8. Why projects get more expensive because of delays and disruptions
  9. The function of company planning in a market that is competitive
  10. How to create pricing strategies that will sustain the business

Sports management dissertation topics

  1. A look into instances of corruption in the world of international sports management
  2. An examination of the cutting-edge methods that ought to be used in various sports to spur progress
  3. Which country exemplifies the finest player selecting process based on abilities?
  4. Social media’s effects on the sports business
  5. Technology’s effects on the sports business
  6. Administration in sports and different management techniques
  7. Sponsorship’s function in professional sports
  8. The application of data analytics to coaching and performance in sports
  9. What are the different levels of corruption that are taking place when selecting teams for all sports?
  10. Various sports injuries and prevention methods
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