Persuasive Speech Topics

Stating your point and convincing your audience to believe you and make a move is a challenging task. However, with the right guide, you can make a persuasive speech that wins the heart of your audience. It all starts with the topic. Understanding how persuasive writing works and selecting a topic would make it easier for you.

What is a persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech is a type of speech aimed at influencing the beliefs or attitudes of your audience about a given subject. As the name implies, the overall goal is to persuade the audience. When selecting a topic for this type of speech, you need to set aside evidence to support your claims.

Controversial persuasive speech topics

  1. Active gun control is the only way to stop mass shootings
  2. Pregnancy termination should require consent from the mother and father
  3. Parents are responsible for raising bullies in middle school
  4. Privacy vs. security – is the government’s attempt to provide security encroaching on privacy laws?
  5. Should biological weapons be considered in warfare?
  6. Why the death penalty should be legal across the country
  7. Transgender people should have full access and benefits as their natural-born counterparts
  8. The ethical implications of arms trading
  9. Equal pay or prejudice against men?
  10. Gun laws – the second amendment needs an amendment

Mental health persuasive speech topics

  1. Should parents be blamed for self-harm among teenagers?
  2. The dangers of prescribing mood stabilizers for mild mental health challenges
  3. The value of mental health awareness programs in high school
  4. Poverty or excessive wealth is the root cause of mental health challenges
  5. Considering social media censorship to curb anxiety in the real world
  6. Promoting productivity in the workplace through mental health awareness campaigns
  7. Alcohol should be illegal, like drugs
  8. Considering the long-term mental health implication of domestic violence
  9. Treating obesity as a mental health crisis

Persuasive speech topics about animals

  1. Animals are suffering the most from deforestation and global warming
  2. Exotic pets should be illegal in households, whether endangered or not
  3. Stricter punishments should be implemented for the unethical treatment of animals
  4. Animal testing should be illegal in every state in the United States
  5. A closer look at animal treatment for human entertainment in zoos
  6. The government needs to take a closer look at the horse racing industry for ethical violations
  7. Pets in the United States need a bill of rights of their own
  8. Using animals for clothing products should be illegal
  9. Human breeding of different animal species should be illegal

Persuasive speech topics about music

  1. Rap music is key in promoting violence, especially in low-income areas
  2. The evolution of rock music and how it influences behavior
  3. Music therapy is a suitable treatment for a range of mental health challenges
  4. Music can be a useful teaching tool for toddlers and teenagers alike
  5. Promoting patriotism through high-quality music lyrics
  6. The internet makes monetizing music problematic
  7. Music should be made a core part of the high school curriculum
  8. Curbing violence starts with censoring and regulating circular music

Persuasive speech topics about sports

  1. Compensation for athletes who sustain injury should be a norm in college and professional leagues
  2. Stricter drug testing protocols should be put in place in the sporting industry to ensure fair play
  3. Open LGBTQ professionals are treated unfairly in sports
  4. Why college athletes deserve fair compensation for their skills
  5. An interception from educational institutions will increase female participation in sports
  6. The sexual objectification of female athletes by the mass media
  7. Why paralympic athletes deserve more media attention across the globe
  8. Nutrition plays a key role in athletic performance

Persuasive  speech topics for teens

  1. The prevailing teenage pregnancy rate is due to a lack of understanding of the consequences
  2. Parents need to treat teenagers the same irrespective of sex or gender
  3. Why sex education is more effective in the home than in schools
  4. The importance of making students bilingual from middle school age
  5. Children who enjoy violent video games are more likely to be violent in real life
  6. Volunteer work should be a prerequisite for graduation in every high school
  7. LGBT teens would be more comfortable if schools tried to create a safe space
  8. Digital text and notebooks are better for students than paper books

Science persuasive speech topics

  1. Parents should encourage their children to pursue science pathways from childhood
  2. Governmental and non-governmental investment in science is a necessity
  3. The government should ban genetically modified foods
  4. Space exploration is worth every penny
  5. More funding from the government is required for medical research
  6. Without intervention, the planet earth may end up like Mars
  7. Human evolution is still ongoing, and there is evidence to support this
  8. Technological advancement might be the last hope for saving the planet

If you are still looking for tips on writing the best persuasive speech, you can find some great ideas on this website.

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