Descriptive Speech Topics

If you need to write a descriptive speech, you must understand what this type of speech means. This piece contains the top 50 descriptive speech ideas to help you in choosing a topic for your project. First, it contains a clear definition of the subject.

Descriptive speech definition

A descriptive speech, by definition, is a speech that aims to provide vivid and accurate details about a subject. Your goal is to help your audience create a mental picture of the event, person, or thing you are describing. To drive the point home, the speaker may add visual tools to their speech.

While choosing a topic, you will have to decide if you will be writing about an object, place, or person. You can write from a first-person point of view, or you can write as an observer who relies on research. Also, your descriptive speech can either be purely objective or subjective, depending on the topic.

Descriptive informative speech topics

  1. What does it take to become an eloquent speaker?
  2. Artificial intelligence: what is it, and how does it work?
  3. The founding fathers of the United States had a unique vision for the country
  4. Learning a new language as an adult who is done with college
  5. Martial art and discipline – my experience as a black belt
  6. Taking advantage of a long summer in Europe
  7. Purchasing a dilapidated home and flipping it into my dream house
  8. The defining moment in my childhood changed my life
  9. Seven nights in one of the rarest hotels in the world
  10. A tour of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

Descriptive speech topics for college students

  1. A field trip across three cities – a memorable event
  2. High school graduation day marks the transition to a new phase
  3. A trip to the tattoo parlor after a long day of classes
  4. My first hiking trip with my sorority sisters
  5. Coping with two mutual friends in the same department
  6. My mother: my idol for the last two decades
  7. From coursemates to lovers: how I met my partner
  8. My first visit to Disneyland as a college student
  9. Offering tutoring services helped me to improve my grades in freshman year
  10. How I became more productive and improved my grades significantly

Good descriptive speech topics

  1. Outsmarting a cyber criminal during an online encounter
  2. The application of augmented reality in gaming
  3. The price of Independence in the United States
  4. My first attempt at writing a book
  5. The advice from my elder sister that saved my life
  6. The Covid pandemic changed the game in the media industry
  7. Social distancing post-Covid, what you need to know
  8. My expedition to the Great Victoria Desert in Australia
  9. How I defended myself after I got mugged
  10. How I joined an expedition to the arctic circle

Informative descriptive speech topics 

  1. My first experience on a speed train in Asia
  2. How the financial sector has adjusted to digitization
  3. The evolution of mechanized agriculture over the last century
  4. History of the Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic
  5. How to kick an addiction after years of trying and failing
  6. Binge eating disorder: a vivid description
  7. Life before smartphones – a description of society before the development of smartphones
  8. A visit to the exceptional Louvre Museum in Paris
  9. An unforgettable road trip across the countryside
  10. The reality of working as an Amazon delivery agent in New York

Interesting descriptive speech ideas

  1. Meeting an actor in Los Angeles changed my opinion about acting
  2. Relocating from the city to an urban settlement
  3. Growing up with a single parent and how it affected my life
  4. How I learned to play the piano like a professional at age 10
  5. How I survived a snake bite on my first and last camping trip
  6. My first experience behind the wheel after I learned how to drive
  7. Looking back on how my life as a college student shaped my present
  8. My wedding day – a day to remember
  9. An epic adventure to the Grand Canyon
  10. My first sighting of the northern lights in Norway

You can find some great ideas on this website if you are still struggling to pick the perfect topic for your speech. Remember that your goal is to describe the subject of the topic, not a moral debate or scientific analysis.

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