Narrative Speech Topics

Writing on narrative speech topics is straightforward. You do not need to convince the reader of your point by presenting an argument. All you have to do is make a narrative speech about the event. In this article, you will get an answer to the question, what is a narrative speech? Also, you will find at least 45 great topics to inspire your speech.

What is a narrative speech?

A narrative speech or narrative essay is a type of speech designed to tell a story. While it is often based on personal experience, a narrative speech may be about any real-life event as long as you have updated information on the subject. Whether you are writing this type of essay for a public address or for submission, you need to make sure it has a logical flow.

All narrative speech ideas share the same purpose; to narrate an event and share insights you may have gained from the event. There are four common types of narrative essays. These are viewpoint narrative, linear narrative, quest narrative, and non-linear narrative.

Best topics for narrative speech

  1. My experience learning software engineering
  2. Our first family vacation to Hawaii
  3. How I discovered the truth about my parents
  4. My cultural identity influenced my perception of self
  5. How my best friend became an estranged acquaintance
  6. That single conversation that changed my life
  7. My career changed from doing something that pays heavily to doing what I love
  8. How my life turned out after growing up in the foster care system
  9. My experience with bullying in high school
  10. How I shuffled teenage parenting and education
  11. How I spent my gap year backpacking in Europe
  12. Growing up with strict parents saved my life

Good topics for narrative speech

  1. How things worked before the industrial revolution
  2. Finding my true talent with internet resources
  3. Taking free online courses helped me to launch a career
  4. My first and last off-campus camping experience
  5. My hazing experience after joining the fraternity
  6. A spring break vacation I will never forget
  7. The difficulty of leaving my family and going to college hundreds of miles away
  8. My first summer at home after getting into college
  9. How mathematics became my favorite subject in college
  10. Joining social clubs in college helped me overcome my anxiety
  11. Dealing with my newfound independence as a college student

Narrative speech topics for college students

  1. Navigating through my first day in college after years of homeschooling
  2. My first group project as a college junior-the value of collaboration
  3. Landing the best part-time job and earning money as a college student
  4. Transitioning from high school to college
  5. How I chose my major in college after years of being indecisive
  6. My experience as an assistant lecturer in my college
  7. The most embarrassing experience I had on campus
  8. My first public speaking experience in school as a freshman
  9. How I fixed my relationship with food and lost weight before the holidays
  10. Dressing appropriately helped me secure an opportunity in school
  11. How I balanced education with socialization in school

Topics for a personal narrative short speech

  1. Healing from a ghastly motor accident and changing my perception of life
  2. My first relationship after a divorce from a 15-year partner
  3. My first visit to the emergency room during my stroke
  4. My experience growing up in a small town and moving to a big city
  5. How my disobedience almost cost my life as a teenager
  6. How I learned the importance of being earnest
  7. Becoming a foster parent at age 28 changed my life
  8. How I recovered from losing my best friend
  9. How I outgrew my best friend of 10 years
  10. My first experience on a month-long sea voyage
  11. How I reconciled with my estranged parents and built a strong relationship

On, you will find hundreds of ideas for writing your first narrative speech and improving your public speaking skills. Make sure you choose a topic you are familiar with to ensure proper writing flow.

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