Psychology Dissertation Topics

Psychology is a vast topic with multiple ideas to pursue and high interest across the academic arena. As such, students need to prepare quality psychology dissertation to stand out among their counterparts. When familiarizing yourself with the steps on how to write a psychology dissertation, students should focus on proper topic selection. This will allow you to elucidate your ideas clearly, and to bring about new insight that is deserving of your dissertation. Unfortunately, the sea of dissertation topics in psychology can make it hard to select your topic. This article will highlight some psychology dissertation ideas to guide you in brainstorming worthy ideas for your dissertation.

Clinical psychology dissertation topics

  1. How to recognize and distinguish treatment-resistant depression?
  2. Making sense of dying through a meaning-creating process
  3. Is behavioral therapy the best type of treatment for criminals?
  4. What medications and treatments are available to treat phobias and paranoia?
  5. Age-related differences in mental diseases among the elderly
  6. Connection between patients’ family lives and their anxiety disorders
  7. Examining the incidence of mental illnesses during the past ten years
  8. The relationship between gender and adolescent eating problems
  9. Investigating how divorce affects the couple’s children
  10. The effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on people who are terminally ill in managing their chronic pain

Dissertation topics in counselling psychology

  1. Analyze the results of providing cohabiting couples with counseling in various situations and settings
  2. Consider how a person’s employment and self-image interact when they transition into the workforce as recent college graduates
  3. Investigate the process by which women may learn to accept and pardon themselves for having committed a sex offense against another person
  4. Are modern mental health professionals still using self-analysis in the same way Freud did?
  5. Effects of therapy in real life on married couples seeking divorce
  6. Needs evaluations for victims of sexual assault
  7. Stigma associated with obtaining mental health treatment
  8. Interpreting a patient’s body language
  9. The effects of violent video games on children’s aggressiveness levels
  10. Personality factors influencing social anxiety among black Americans

Dissertation topics in educational psychology

  1. A comparison of the impact of counseling services at colleges and schools on students’ mental health
  2. A comparison of college and high school pupils that analyzes the influence of parental and academic pressure on learning
  3. A detailed analysis of social and emotional learning in UK elementary schools
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of learning a language through communication and immersion
  5. The influence of computers and cellphones on kids’ motor skill development
  6. A thorough investigation of social and emotional learning in the primary grades
  7. The part technology plays in education in the classroom
  8. An analysis of how teaching children’s arithmetic concepts early on can improve their performance in higher-level courses
  9. Investigation examines the relationship between the amount of time students spend studying and their academic performance
  10. The effect of culture on university students’ learning
  11. Analyze the psychological effects of various instructional methods

Dissertation topics in industrial psychology

  1. Employee well-being and business success
  2. How work-life balance affects production
  3. Discuss the causes of aggression
  4. Discuss the value of self-esteem in achieving professional success
  5. A thorough examination of psychosis
  6. Effects and causes of bipolar disorder
  7. Employee contentment and organizational leadership accountability perceptions
  8. Illegal tasks’ effects on turnover intentions and well-being
  9. Individual differences as indicators of success for students enrolled in learning communities
  10. Developing coping skills to lessen statistical anxiety
  11. Choosing customer-oriented security guards by personality characteristics

Easy psychology dissertation topics

  1. Treatment of bipolar illnesses with medications
  2. A detailed examination of working memory
  3. What pushes people to make purchases?
  4. Homosexuality as a psychological problem
  5. Alcohol and drug abuse’s psychological impacts
  6. The relationship between substance addiction and suicide
  7. Talk about the detrimental psychological impacts of abortion
  8. Age-related changes to memory
  9. What factors give rise to mood changes?
  10. Depression and substance misuse are related
  11. What could be the cause of the increase in gun violence in us schools?

PhD psychology dissertation topics

  1. The results of long-term Xanax use
  2. What factors give rise to mood changes?
  3. How marriage affects your personality
  4. What could be the cause of the increase in gun violence in us schools?
  5. An in-depth examination of kids’ problem-solving abilities
  6. Psychological repercussions of homelessness
  7. The reliability of parental and pediatric psychological assessment
  8. Discuss the number of suicides during the covid 19 outbreak
  9. Lithium-based drugs for mental health issues
  10. Talk about the function of psychodynamic psychology
  11. New approaches to treating social anxiety disorders

School psychology dissertation topics

  1. The effect of social media on one’s self-esteem and body image
  2. How is cognitive function impacted by lack of sleep?
  3. The several phases of a child’s growth
  4. Variations in cognitive ability across genders
  5. Personality and mental health and their connection
  6. Family dynamics’ effects on mental health
  7. How learning is affected by reinforcement
  8. The connection between job pleasure and output
  9. What encourages criminal behavior in people?
  10. How is mental health impacted by the educational system?
  11. The part motivation plays in sports
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