Nursing Research Paper Topics

Writing qualitative research in nursing can be tedious. Considering the extent of research needed and its implication on your final score, you cannot afford to appear as though your key concern was getting your paper completed.

You must, therefore, select an interesting topic that allows you to prepare an A-level paper. Unfortunately, the myriad of topics at your disposal can make it daunting to narrow it down to one nursing research paper topic.

Here, we’ll highlight the steps to tackling research projects and highlight some paper ideas to inspire your topic selection.

How to write a nursing research paper

Do you have trouble figuring out how to compose your applied nursing research paper?

The next few measures should be helpful for a stress-free encounter:

  1. Fully understand the assignment

Read the prompt before you begin your research to specify the primary concepts you will be concentrating on and the parameters of your study.

This will provide you with a ton of keywords that will help you with your research and enable you to create relevant arguments.

  1. Read widely

Next, schedule some time to read up on the literature related to your subject.

This makes it simple for you to select among the countless topics available to you by allowing you to pinpoint the research gaps in which you are interested.

  1. Concentrate on one subject

Check the rising topics you can address to provide original insights on the subject after discovering research gaps. Please feel free to use our website for support if you run across problems.

  1. Create a plan

After choosing a topic, do more research and write an outline. A nursing research paper outline is an excellent tool for research and writing since it enables you to assess the thoroughness of your research and keep your arguments on track.

  1. Composition and revision

Finally, write your essay and proofread it to make sure all of your arguments are expressed clearly.

Nursing research paper topic ideas

If you were having trouble coming up with a topic for your paper, here are some ideas to guide you in topic selection.

Critical care nursing research topics

  1. How do nurses interact with critically ill patients in the ICU?
  2. What difficulties does the critical care nursing system face?
  3. An examination of planned and emergency surgery
  4. What approach do nurses adopt to deal with death? A survey analysis
  5. A critical care nurse’s responsibility in the healthcare community
  6. Impact of healing and treatment duration on patients in critical care
  7. A review of aids and the stigma associated with it
  8. Examining the reasons why critical care nurses become burned out

Good nursing research topics 

  1. Early-life stress’s effects on children’s metabolic and cognitive development
  2. Overcoming pregnancy-related vaccine reluctance
  3. The immune system and aging
  4. The use of stem cells to treat pediatric disorders
  5. Gender wage disparity in nursing
  6. Osteoporosis risk reduction by diet
  7. Managing pressure ulcers in patients with hip fractures
  8. Methods for preventing childhood obesity

Healthcare research topics 

  1. Birth plan and its impact on labor and delivery
  2. Pregnancy: managing the physical and mental changes
  3. Meditation’s effects on people with cognitive impairment
  4. Changes in the brains of insomniacs
  5. Programs for managing late-life depression in the elderly
  6. New strategies to raise the number of cancer screenings
  7. Treatment options for speech impairments
  8. What conditions are associated with menopause?
  9. Top justifications for a free healthcare system everywhere

Pediatric nursing research topics

  1. An investigation into the challenges faced by the nursing staff in the pediatric ward as a result of incorrect diagnosis
  2. A study on the transmission of viral and infectious diseases among kids
  3. A study on the transmission of viral and infectious diseases among kids
  4. Pediatric nurses’ responsibilities in the treatment of newborn jaundice
  5. ADHD’s root causes and treatment options
  6. Determining the likelihood of lung cancer in people with asthma from childhood
  7. Describe the connection between vaccinations and autism in detail

Psychiatric nursing research topics

  1. What are the genetic risk factors for schizophrenia?
  2. Bipolar disorder and hazardous conduct
  3. The part experienced nurses play in clinical psychological procedures
  4. Anxiety and despair brought on by obesity
  5. Cigarette addiction’s effects on mental activity in people
  6. What adverse reactions might electroconvulsive treatment cause?
  7. Review the advantages and disadvantages of a job as a mental health nurse
  8. How may sedative addiction be avoided?
  9. Utilizing current technology in a useful way for mental health nursing

Research topics for nursing students 

  1. The impact of the opioid pandemic on society
  2. Diet as a dementia risk factor
  3. Children’s common measles complications
  4. Methods for enhancing the dental health of seniors
  5. Use of physical restraints: moral considerations
  6. The advantages of parental education at a young age
  7. Experience with childbirth for women with autism
  8. Risks and long-term repercussions of c-section
  9. Meditation’s effects on people with cognitive impairment
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