Psychology Research Paper Topics

Like many students, I never anticipated much confusion when writing my first research paper. A few weeks into the paper and it was clear that I was out of my depth. Poor topic selection ranked top on the list of the many transgressions that led to my imminent struggles. 

This made it clear that choosing an appropriate topic greatly made it easy for me to write my psychology research paper. Like many fields, the field of psychology brims with ideas all equally worth your research paper. 

The sheer enormity of choices however makes it hard to settle for a single topic. Read on for tips on how to approach your paper and some psychology research paper ideas to inspire your topic selection. 

How to write a psychology research paper

Your approach to writing a research paper greatly dictates the quality of arguments in your paper. If you are confused about where to start, here are some steps you ought to consider. 

  • Understand the topic

Although you intend to submit your paper before the due date, rushing to complete your paper will only do you more harm. First, take time to understand the assignment and note the key phrases in the question. 

  • Read vastly

Next, interact with literature related to the topic to broaden your arguments and also to check for gaps that require further research. 

  • Select a topic

Having done your research, narrow your focus to a relevant topic that piques your interest. Consider seeking expert insight on this step to avoid complex ideas that cannot be managed with the resources at your disposal. 

  • Create an outline

A psychology paper outline is a handy tool for assessing the completeness of your arguments and guiding you to ensure flow in the writing phase. For this, conduct further research and organize your ideas in a logical order.

  • Writing and editing

Having organized your ideas, draft your paper and edit it to ensure adherence to the writing guidelines. 

Topics for your research paper

If you were facing issues with topic selection, here are some topic ideas to guide your efforts. 

Cognitive psychology topics

  1. Important developments in cognitive psychology across time
  2. Behaviorism and cognitive psychology in comparison
  3. The evolution of cognitive psychology through time
  4. How body and mind processes can be better understood using cognitive psychology
  5. Can video games benefit kids with disabilities?
  6. Positive emotions: contributors to or direct causes of happiness?
  7. Is single parenting good for the mental development of a child?

Controversial topics in psychology for research paper

  1. Is homosexuality a mental disorder? Should an effort be made to fix it?
  2. Abortion’s impact on a woman’s risk of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  3. How might those struggling with suicidal thoughts be helped by psychological intervention?
  4. Do firstborns behave more responsibly than lastborn?
  5. Does one’s family history have any impact on eating disorders?
  6. Can consuming more than two cups of coffee a day during pregnancy affect the fetus’s ability to develop?
  7. Can a traumatic past contribute to harsh language?

Developmental psychology research paper topics

  1. Nature vs. nurture in child development
  2. Does teaching sign language to infants aid or impede their language development?
  3. Development of emotion and personality in childhood
  4. The impact of parenting methods on a child’s growth
  5. Cultural background and child development
  6. Play is important for children’s growth
  7. How stress affects a child’s development

Forensic psychology research topics

  1. The function of forensic psychology in crime investigation
  2. Introduction to criminal profiling, criminal justice, and forensic psychology
  3. What factors contribute to the growth of terror organizations?
  4. Forensic psychology’s ethical and professional concerns
  5. What role does forensic psychology play in legal cases?
  6. What impact has forensic psychology had on modern society? 
  7. Talk about the practical methods for efficient internet policing

Social psychology research paper topics

  1. How can divorce impact a child’s emotional growth?
  2. How can kids learn nonverbal communication techniques?
  3. How can kids learn nonverbal communication techniques?
  4. Are counselors in the modern day equipped to handle the current depression disorders?
  5. What benefits do team sports have for a child’s social skills?
  6. How has communication evolved as a result of the internet?

Sport psychology research topics

  1. Future developments in sport psychology in light of mounting evidence of head injuries in contact sports like rugby and football
  2. What part does the coach play in a player’s self-confidence development?
  3. How a poor coach can reduce a sports team’s overall performance
  4. How can a team become mentally strong?
  5. Talk about the difficulties brand-new coaches confront
  6. What should be done to keep a positive mindset for playing well in games forever?
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