Opinion Essay Topics

Are you ready to share your thoughts and opinions on a current issue?

Opinion essay writing is a great way to do just that! But before you begin, the key to crafting a compelling essay lies in choosing the perfect topic.

In this piece, we have outlined 40 topic ideas that can help you get the ball rolling.

What is opinion essay?

An opinion essay is a piece of academic writing in which the writer expresses their opinion or viewpoint on a particular topic to persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view.

The structure of opinion essays typically includes:

  • An introduction that presents the topic
  • A body that provides evidence and arguments to support the writer’s opinion
  • And a conclusion that reiterates the writer’s stance on the issue

It is important to note that using the appropriate opinion essay outline and choosing the right topic for your opinion essay is crucial to its success.

Strong opinion topics: general topics for opinion writing

Let’s give some general opinion essay topics to help you out. Here are examples:

  1. The potential benefits and drawbacks of granting voting rights to minors
  2. Strategies for reducing corruption in government and institutions
  3. The morality of private prisons and their impact on the criminal justice system
  4. The responsibilities and expectations of a president in contemporary society
  5. The underlying causes of the Cold War and its lasting effects
  6. The state of free speech in the media and its role in democracy
  7. The effectiveness of gun control laws as a means of maintaining public safety
  8. Pros and cons of implementing socialist policies

Good opinion writing topics

Good opinion writing topics generally convey the right information and involve standard ideas and practises the audience can relate with.

  1. The effect of gun laws on the future of American society
  2. The problem of new gender roles and practices
  3. Compelling reasons why America might require a police reform
  4. The fight for abortion rights: Pro-choice or Pro-life
  5. The effects of social media on mental health and gender dysphoria
  6. The impact of emerging technology on children’s interaction
  7. The morality and causes of assisted suicide
  8. The ethics of using artificial intelligence in decision making

Interesting opinion essay topics

Interesting opinion essay topics are discussions that easily pique interest and encourage continuous debate.

  1. The effects of political correctness on free speech
  2. The impact of feminism on Male mental health
  3. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the digital health education landscape
  4. The role of the government in ensuring internet privacy and security
  5. The impact of unexplained Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook bans on free speech
  6. The ethics of using surveillance technology in public spaces
  7. The effect of artificial intelligence innovations on the current job climate
  8. Why is FTL travel still hundreds of years away?

Opinion essay topics college students can use

Opinion essay topics for college are usually centred around academic topics or how economic, political, and social trends affect the education climate.

  1. Why does student loan debt help only the economy and not the students
  2. The impact of online classes on student engagement
  3. Analysing the ethics of using genetic engineering in medicine
  4. Campus carry laws and their immediate impact on school safety
  5. The effect of social media on political shifts
  6. The scope of standardised testing on education quality in Africa
  7. The effect of gender change on college campuses
  8. The role of colleges in fostering racial and political diversity

Opinion essay topics high school

These topics are associated with high school themes.

  1. The effects of social media on teenage relationships
  2. Censorship in schools: Right or wrong?
  3. Are school uniforms necessary? Do they affect student’s conduct?
  4. Do video games improve intelligence, and how do they impact academic performance?
  5. The effects of digitalization on students’ attention span
  6. Dress codes and how they contribute to students’ self-expression
  7. The self-esteem of teenagers: What builds and destroys them in our high schools?
  8. The effects of school start times on student sleep and academic performance

By following these guidelines, you can choose a topic that will make your essay stand out and capture your audience’s attention. You can find essay ideas here or visit our website for detailed information.

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