American History Research Paper Topics

Considering the wide range of topics at your disposal, you may often find yourself at crossroads on the best topics for a history research paper. Unfortunately, randomly picking topics to use in your assignments may result in struggles in the latter writing stages, risking a poor grade.

Ideally, much thought should be invested in your topic selection to ensure simple research and original insight on the subject matter. To score high grades, your topic should be relevant to the topic and take an original approach to the subject matter. 

Read on to discover ideas on some interesting American history topics for your paper. We hope that these ideas will guide you in selecting a great topic and help you narrow down complex ideas. 

Interesting US history topics to write about

Without further ado, here are some worthwhile topic suggestions to guide you in topic selection. 

American history research paper topics for college students 

  1. What is the function of amendments in American constitutional change? 
  2. What significant role did African Americans play in the revolution? 
  3. Who and how did people make money during the Great Depression? 
  4. What innovators contributed to the industrial revolution? 
  5. How did segregation impact the US music business? 
  6. Describe the modifications that the American Revolution made to the states
  7. Why did the Bill of Rights contain the right to keep and bear arms? 
  8. Describe the circumstances surrounding President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination

Good US history research topics 

  1. What impact did the Civil War have on new immigrants to the country? 
  2. Effects of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr
  3. What were the main factors that led to strife between North and South? 
  4. Describe the effects of the murder of Abraham Lincoln
  5. Discuss how industrialization affected the American landscape
  6. Compare and contrast the approaches of Martin Luther King Jr. And Gandhi
  7. Change seen in the 1920s American educational system
  8. The effects of the American Civil War on American society

Early American history topics 

  1. The Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution
  2. Was it necessary to nuke Nagasaki and Hiroshima? 
  3. Roosevelt’s strategy to put an end to the Great Depression
  4. Assassinations of presidents throughout American history
  5. Arrangements Between the Federal and State Governments
  6. Executive Orders and Presidential Authority in the US
  7. Racism and slavery in the United States
  8. What Impact Did Japan’s Use of nuclear weapons Have on US History?

Research paper topics American history before 1877 

  1. How did America’s founding fathers influence its culture
  2. How did the USA join World War One?
  3. The Mexican War: Its Causes and Consequences
  4. Explain Illinois’ hostility to Mormons. How Mormons Overcame Every Obstacle
  5. Before Columbus, America: The first British settlements and British rule in the Americas
  6. The impact of the Protestant Reformation on US history
  7. The American Revolution’s pivotal event was the Boston Tea Party

History topics after 1877 

  1. American growth following 1877
  2. US foreign policy during the 1890s
  3. Involvement of France in the American Revolution
  4. Industrialization following the American Civil War
  5. Social change in the Progressive Era
  6. The US women’s suffrage movement’s origins and consequences
  7. Why did America fight in and ultimately lose the Vietnam War?
  8. The impact of the Cold War on American society

WWII topics for research paper 

  1. What part did women play in the military during World War II? What steps did the federal government of the United States take to empower women?
  2. What motivated America to join the Second World War? What would have happened if the United States hadn’t joined the conflict?
  3. What consequences did World War II have in the long run?
  4. Did African Americans enjoy the same rights as white people during WWII? What activities were restricted for African Americans throughout the conflict?
  5. How did WWII affect Black Immigration?
  6. What new technologies emerged during WWII? What new positions were created as a result of the war?
  7. Should the United States have held off on unleashing the atomic bomb until they were sure they could win?
  8. Why was the United States so undecided about joining the conflict? Did the attack on Pearl Harbor prompt the United States to join the conflict?

Other interesting topics in US history

  1. African Americans’ Civil War Contribution
  2. Is there still racial prejudice in American culture?
  3. How did the US rise to become the largest industrial nation in the world?
  4. How did the construction of railroads affect the Industrial Revolution?
  5. Causes of and results from the Missouri Compromise
  6. The Boston Tea Party’s defense
  7. The causes of the eighteenth-century financial crisis
  8. How Washington, DC, became the country’s capital
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