Funny Speech Topics

Writing a funny speech for informal occasions might be straightforward. However, the case is different when it comes to formal gatherings. It would be best to use funny jokes to start a speech without using inappropriate or offensive language. In this article, you will learn how to write a funny speech irrespective of the occasion. Also, you will find a list of the top 40 most suitable funny speech topics.

How to make a speech funny

To make a speech funny, you must add humor as naturally as possible. Any statement that seems forced or out of place will not provide the desired result. Ahead of the event, use a funny text to speech application to listen to the speech. If it doesn’t sound funny to you, consider rewriting it.

The fact that a speech is funny doesn’t mean you should plant jokes in every part. You can start with a humorous statement in the introduction, but your conclusion should always be serious. If the speech is formal, ensure that the body contains facts and statistics, not just opinions.

Funny speeches give you a chance to stimulate your creativity while conveying your message. However, you must consider your audience and choose a suitable topic. Below, you will find a list of the best funny speech topics for different occasions.

Best funny speech topics

  1. How cats would act if they were human beings
  2. The dumber you are, the less violent you will be in every aspect of life
  3. What your beards say about your attitude
  4. How to collect the right memes on social media
  5. Speaking fluently in public is a vital skill
  6. Staying focused during zoom meetings requires more than coffee
  7. Looking smarter than you are can help you secure opportunities
  8. High school experiences don’t matter in the real world

Funny impromptu speech topics

  1. Get rid of your skinny jeans
  2. How to avoid paying for a speeding ticket even when you are guilty
  3. Funny mistakes men make on the first date that turns women off
  4. Tricking telemarketers into blocking your number
  5. Did the egg come first before the chicken?
  6. Learning to stay quiet and listen actively
  7. The wrong food challenge can lead to a legion of problems
  8. Winning a wrestling match against an opponent who is twice your size
  9. The importance of being in control of your emotions

Funny informative speech topics for college

  1. How to share a dorm room with a total stranger
  2. Staying on campus is more fun than staying off campus
  3. Making some money on the side as you navigate through college
  4. Age is just a number. Experiences are what make a person
  5. You don’t need to be friends with the entire department to survive in college
  6. A road trip with my best friend that I will never forget
  7. Adding subtle humor to your classroom comments will make retaining information easier
  8. Making friends in school is easy as long as you are willing to make the first move

Funny persuasive speech topics

  1. The internet plays a crucial role in promoting skill acquisition
  2. Sleeping seven to eight hours a day will help improve your mental and physical health
  3. Signs that you are addicted to social media and the internet
  4. Improving your overall productivity helps you handle anxiety
  5. About 30 to 45 minutes of exercise daily is all you need to maintain cardiovascular health
  6. Skipping breakfast doesn’t automatically mean that you will lose weight
  7. Comic relief is vital in every movie plot, irrespective of the background story
  8. Why do people prefer texting to calling in today’s digital age?

Funny speech topics for high school

  1. Setting a trap for your bully and flipping the switch in your favor
  2. Passing math is easy if you understand the basic formulas
  3. Talking to your daughters and sons about teenage pregnancy
  4. Resisting the urge to open memes when you are doing homework
  5. Making teachers love you more than any other student in the class
  6. Doing literature assignments after watching the movie instead of after reading the book
  7. Staying ahead of your studies by reading weeks ahead of classes

Now that you have a list of the best funny speeches use our website to learn more about writing the perfect funny speeches.

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