Biology Term Paper Topics

Biology is a vast field of study encompassing various research areas, ranging from genetics, ecology, cell biology, microbiology, zoology, environmental science, and botany. As a biology student, one of the essential requirements to excel in the field is to write a term paper. When writing a biology term paper, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a research topic. This can be daunting, especially for students who are new to the field of biology.

Aside from thinking about how to write a biology term paper, selecting a topic that is interesting to you, researchable, and has enough information available for you to complete a thorough and well-written paper is essential.

By choosing a researchable topic in biology, students can contribute to advancing scientific knowledge and making a meaningful impact in their field of study.

In this article, we will explore some researchable topics for a term paper in biology. These topics provide opportunities for further research and discoveries.

Easy biology term paper topics

  1. The effects of pollution on plant growth
  2. The biology of sleep and its impact on health
  3. The effects of caffeine on the human body
  4. The role of probiotics in gut health
  5. The impact of exercise on brain function
  6. The biology of addiction and the brain
  7. The role of vitamins and minerals in human health
  8. The impact of stress and environmental factors on the immune system
  9. The impact of antibiotics on gut microbiota
  10. The biology of aging and longevity
  11. The effects of climate change on animal survival and behavior
  12. The biology of allergies and their treatment
  13. The impact of nutrition on athletic performance
  14. The role of genetics in mental health disorders
  15. The effects of light pollution on wildlife

Marine biology term paper topics

  1. A case study on marine birds’ biology
  2. Understanding the relationship between marine biology and biotechnology
  3. The consequences of noise pollution on marine life
  4. Role of marine microbes in biotechnology
  5. How oil spills impact the marine ecosystems?
  6. Biology & ecology of sharks
  7. Ocean acidification on marine ecosystems
  8. Coral reef bleaching & biodiversity
  9. Climate change & marine food webs
  10. Overfishing impact on marine ecosystems
  11. Plastic pollution effects on water
  12. Ocean currents impact marine biodiversity
  13. The impacts of sea level rise on coastal ecosystems and human communities
  14. Harmful algal blooms and their impacts on marine ecosystems and human health
  15. The effects of ocean acidification on shell-forming organisms

Term paper topics biology of aging

  1. The impact of oxidative stress on aging and longevity
  2. The relationship between inflammation and aging
  3. The effects of caloric restriction and fasting on aging and longevity
  4. The short and long term effects of autophagy on aging and age-related diseases: The role it plays?
  5. The genetics of aging: exploring the genes and mechanisms associated with aging
  6. The impact of epigenetics on aging and longevity
  7. The relationship between the microbiome and aging
  8. The impact of exercise and physical activity on aging and longevity
  9. The role of stem cells in aging and age-related diseases
  10. The impact of environmental factors on aging
  11. The effects of sleep and circadian rhythms on aging and longevity
  12. The relationship between age-related neurodegenerative diseases and aging
  13. The impact of nutritional factors on aging and longevity
  14. The effects of hormonal changes on aging and longevity
  15. The impact of mitochondrial dysfunction on aging and age-related diseases

Term paper topics in human biology

  1. Exploring the genetic basis of inherited diseases and disorders
  2. The impact of lifestyle choices on human health and well-being
  3. Exploring the neurological and physiological mechanisms that underlie drug and alcohol addiction
  4. Microbiome’s role in human health and disease
  5. Investigating the neural mechanisms that trigger learning and memory
  6. The impact of stress on the human body and brain
  7. The biological basis of mental health disorders
  8. The genetic factors that contribute to human cognitive abilities
  9. Investigating the biology of sleep
  10. The role of hormones in human physiology and behavior
  11. The role and impact of epigenetics on human development and disease patterns
  12. The genetics of athletic performance
  13. The impact of environmental toxins on human health and well-being
  14. The impact of exercise on human physiology and health
  15. The genetics and biology of human sexuality and gender

These topics offer diverse potential research questions and directions and could provide an excellent starting point for a biology term paper.

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