Various Controversial Topics

Controversial topics are what they are – Controversial! These are topics that are debated regularly due to their sensitive nature. They make for compelling essay topics since they can provoke thoughts and arouse powerful feelings. These topics often deal with serious issues that have no simple solution or clear-cut answer.  In this essay, we will explore some very good controversial topics of our time.

What are controversial topics that might interest you?

Here are some of the most controversial debate topics that can provoke thoughts and arouse powerful feelings:

  1. Is it ethical to use animals for a medical experiment?
  2. Can torture be justified?
  3. Why should women be paid as well as men?
  4. Can gender equality be realized?
  5. Feminism does more harm than good to women
  6. Should Same-sex marriage be allowed?
  7. Are men generally stronger than women?
  8. Why is it important to ban late-night alcohol sales?
  9. Is the development of artificial intelligence beneficial or harmful to society?

Best controversial essay topics to write on

  1. Should cannabis be made legal?
  2. Is the practice of keeping wild animals in zoos cruel?
  3. Should the voting age be lowered to allow for more participation by young people in politics?
  4. Is it moral to use genetic modification on children to protect them from illnesses?
  5. Can we live a fulfilling life without religion?
  6. Should capitalism be entirely abolished?
  7. Should social media use be governed by the government?
  8. How do people with multiple religions interact with the world around them?

Controversial persuasive speech topics

  1. Is it possible to love animals and consume meat at the same time?
  2. Are the penalties we impose on violent offenders lenient?
  3. Must the death penalty be eliminated?
  4. Is the traditional college experience a thing of the past?
  5. Why is going to school necessary?
  6. Should there be a minimum age requirement to access social media?
  7. why everyone should be required to be vaccinated
  8. Drug addicts should get help not punishment

Controversial speech topics that you will be interested in

  1. Should a woman be allowed to end a pregnancy?
  2. Should the government impose restrictions on where and how people can get guns?
  3. Does the government have the right to carry out death sentences for criminals?
  4. Should those who identify as LGBTQ+ be afforded the same rights and protections as those who do not?
  5. Should the government restrict immigration into the nation?
  6. Is anthropogenic climate change a reality?
  7. Should immunization against COVID-19 be required?
  8. Should those who have a fatal disease have the option to end their own lives?
  9. Should pornography and hate speech be censored?

Controversial topics for teenagers

  1. Should homework be banned?
  2. Should mobile devices be banned in our schools?
  3. Should parents have the sole power to choose their kid’s careers?
  4. Is parental supervision the same thing as parental control?
  5. Should parents be allowed to use physical force to correct their kids?
  6. What is the most appropriate age for teenagers to start dating?
  7. Is peer pressure good or bad?
  8. Does social media play a role in the increase in teenage suicide?

Funny controversial topics to take into consideration

Are you looking for the most controversial yet funny topics to write on? You don’t have to stress yourself anymore as we carefully selected some very interesting topics for you:

  1. Which is worse, to be blind or deaf?
  2. Should Mondays be eliminated?
  3. Are tomatoes considered a vegetable or fruit?
  4. Which would you prefer, to be very short or very tall?
  5. What year did time begin?
  6. Have we already been visited by aliens?
  7. Is water truly moist?
  8. Are good looks more valuable than smarts?
  9. Is it preferable to scrunch or fold toilet paper?

Interesting controversial topics to talk about

  1. Is the right to an abortion protected by the constitution?
  2. Social media’s effects on mental health
  3. Is religion significant in today’s society?
  4. Should assisted suicide to be allowed?
  5. Can fast food be outlawed?
  6. Does having more money make you happier?
  7. Should women in some occupations be paid less than men?
  8. Should cops be exempt from legal consequences?
  9. The negative impact of reality tv shows on society

When you are faced with the question of what are controversial topics to write on, it is important to consider your own interests and passions, as well as the potential impact of your research. By approaching controversial topics with an open mind and a commitment to rigorous research and analysis, you can contribute to important conversations and help advance our collective understanding of complex issues.

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